What carpet colors are trending in 2021?

What carpet colors are trending in 2021?

Carpeting is so much more than a floor covering because it's the first thing you see walking into any room. As a result, it's as much a part of your décor and interior design scheme as other pieces, and you'll want to choose colors that match, especially in high-visibility areas.

Here are some trending color choices for you

Blue seems to always be in style when it comes to carpet colors, and your floor covering might be perfect in this shade. It’s calming, doesn’t overwhelm most spaces, and offers a cool background for any design concept.

Bold colors are more popular than ever, especially purples, oranges, jewel tones, and multi-colored surfaces. It’s a great way to incorporate the carpet into the surrounding décor instead of giving it just a backdrop.

Gray has become popular for flooring and décor alike in many different hues and tones, offering a genuinely neutral option. In addition to providing a backdrop of neutrality and order, it allows you to create with any color you like, as all pair well with gray.

Multi-color options are an outstanding choice and allow you to incorporate every color in your décor scheme if you choose. Make a statement with this maximalist option in any area of your home.

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