Four tips for choosing the ideal color for your hardwood flooring

Four tips for choosing the ideal color for your hardwood flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is an elegant addition to any room in your home that needs flooring. It's durable, gorgeous, and offers an extensive lifespan, all at the same time.

You might wonder which colors to consider when you need a fantastic visual match for your decor. Here are four tips for choosing the perfect color for your specific interior design.

1. Dark wood colors are rich and exotic

With dark hardwood, you'll gain a luxurious elegance that's hard to rival. However, be careful with placement, as wood flooring can make rooms look much smaller.

2. Light colors are versatile and impressive

In small rooms, light-colored wood floors can open the space, making it airy, with an open feel. They're perfect for adding a decorative effect, especially with contrasting dark pieces.

3. Natural light changes wood colors

Be sure to consider how much natural light enters the room to be floored. This can change the color over time and could create damage if not protected well against it.

4. Grab samples of your favorite colors

When you find colors you love for wood flooring, take samples home to see how they look there. They'll look different under your light as opposed to showroom lights.

If you have further questions about your flooring needs, visit us. We look forward to helping you find the perfect colors.

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